Membership of Oxford University Cross Country Club costs £37 (or £42 if you need to join England Athletics) for the year 2011-12 and makes you part of the most inclusive Blues sport within the University.
This page contains information on Health & Safety for OUCCC.
Old Members
The Oxford University Cross-Country Club Old Members' Club - more commonly known as the Old Gits - was founded in February 1998.
History of the club, the varsity match and archives.
Cross-country is one of only fourteen Full Blue sports and one that consistently maintains an extremely high standard of competition. Though whatever your standard, OUCCC will try to cater for you.
Committee 2011-2012
So here we are:
Luke Caldwell
Hayley Munn
Maire Gorman
Alex Muir
Rosemary Hurford
Hannah Train
Hannah Train
Jonny Bradford
Judith Robinson
Victoria Elbourne
Tom Frith
Henry Mitchell
Jake Shelley
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