Club History

A brief history of OUCCC.

Oxford has been closely involved in the development of athletics and cross-country as an organised sport. In 1850, a 'College foot grind' was held by some undergraduates of Exeter College, who decided to hack across the country on foot rather than horse-back. Later that century, on the 24th of April 1880, three members of OUAC convened a meeting at the Randolph Hotel in Oxford, so establishing the Amateur Athletic Association of England, or AAA. Since these times, Oxford University has produced many members of Olympic teams, whose names may be seen inside the stadium at the Iffley Road Track, a venue which is itself famous for Roger Bannister's 4 minute mile, run on May 6th 1954. Despite keeping strong ties with the Athletics Club, OUCCC has established itself as a separate body in the University. Just recently Price Waterhouse Coopers and Ronhill have offered generous sponsorship. Roger Bannister
Varsity Blues Match 2001 OUCCC competes in a variety of events throughout the year and has recently developed an active road-running side to it too. In 2007, the 117th Varsity Cross-Country Match against Cambridge was held on the bumps and hollows of Wimbledon Common where we unfortunately lost the Men's race, but won the Ladies' race. The match totals now stand at Oxford 58 Cambridge 59 for the men, and Oxford 19 Cambridge 13 for the women. The 118th Varsity Match will take place in December 2008. The Varsity Match can claim to be one of the oldest cross-country events still in existence today, and, whilst no longer claiming quite the prestige in the athletics calendar that it once had, it is still a showcase for a number of extremely talented athletes. Click for a complete summary of Blues Varsity Match results or a history of the Varsity Match.
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