Committee 2011-2012

So here we are:


Club Captain-Luke Caldwell

 Now a vLuke Caldwelleteran of no less than 4 blues Varsity matches, Luke Caldwell has been an extremely successful runner for both OUCCC and OUAC. This year he has taken on the role of OUCCC captain with panache and aplomb and the club is certainly in safe hands.  But he won't let the administrative work get in the way of the key objective of running fast. Already the owner of highly impressive personal bests of 3.47 for 1500m and 14.37 for 5000m, watch for those times to come down even further this Olympic summer. Luke is also officially the skinniest man in Oxford - one of his prouder achievements. An interesting dancer too.


Women’s Captain-Hayley Munn

Don'tHayley Munn let her calm appearance or love of port deceive you, Hayley storms off the starting line, leading to two excellent years with the blues, and looking forward to making the triple as captain.

Though her 8am runs and breakfast dates leave some reeling, we're all very excited to spend a year running after her (even if it is often a long way after her).


Men’s Vice Captain - Dominic Kiralyfi


Women’s Vice Captain and Webmaster - Maire Gorman

With her Scottish accent ringing out over every race to cheer us on, Maire has gone from strength Maire Gormanto strength over her four years in Oxford, including organising an amazing teddy hall relays last year.


Always ready with a cup of tea and a welcome hug, Maire is no doubt going to be the inspiration that we need as vice captain.

Treasurer- Lawrence Percival





Secretary - Alex Muir

Alex MuirAlex is club secretary and therefore responsible for keeping the club organised and on track. Having dominated the Newbury running scene, he made a seamless transition to the Oxford team last year, and had a particularly impressive run in the Varsity seconds fixture.   Anyone who's ever been fortunate enough to do a session with Alex will know of his metronomic pace judgement, and equally impressive ability to rouse his teammates who haven't been quite so sensible... An all-round good guy, Alex will be looking to push on again this year, and then lower those PB's once more in the summer.



Social Secretaries - Rosemary Hurford and Hannah Train

Rosemary HurfordBubbly, enthusiastic and loud, Rosemary is always up for a social. Her infamous poetry will get you motivated and as the night wears on and her grasp of English fails, never fear, she will turn to the always reliable French and German.
A stalwart at training and socials, Rosemary will always greet you with a smile and we are looking forward to another storming season from the Bristolian.
2010 - IInds 11th



Men’s II’s Captain - Fraser Scott

Women’s II’s Captain- Hannah Train

Hannah TrainA true part of OUCCC, Hannah is never to be missed at crew dates, coffees, the pub and dinners.
With a woolly hat for every occasion, Hannah is truly ready for the cross country season.
Having raced solid performances for IInds in her first two years, here's hoping she can recover from her foot problems for long enough to make the hat trick.



Men’s III’s Captain - Jonny Bradford

One of the first questions to face Jonny when he became 3rds captain concerned what he wouldJonny Bradford do to emulate ex-3rd captain Matt Gold’s team mohawks. The answer is still upin the air, but this lad certainly has a heart of gold.

Possibly the lankiest runner ever to come out of Basingstoke, Jonny is a talented athlete over the country and especially in middle-distance on the track. He will be looking to get back in good shape following a frustrating injury-filled summer. An ever-present on Dr Walsh’s “steadies”, always up for a drink and a laugh, Jonny is a core member of OUCCC. Just don’t wind him up about St John’s lack of brunch following Sunday long runs...


Women’s III’s Captain & Marathon Rep -

Judith Robinson

Prone to taking on random sporting challenges 'just for fun', Judith is always the loudest person at training. With her policy of training just to make friends and considering the Judith Robinsonfitness a lucky side effect, she is sure to recruit an excellent mob for varsity.
Having spent her first three years in Oxford playing with ponies in fields or with various broken bones, we look forward to her finally debuting on the cross country field.


Men’s IV’s Captain - Will Mycroft

Teddy Hall Relays Organiser - Henry Mitchell

Henry MitchellHenry Mitchell is what many people would describe as the perfect man. He has demonstrated his exceptional culinary skills on many oscasions and it is thought that his food is the fuel behind many of our athletes' successes.
Last year he flaunted his hairdressing skills by giving our entire team mohawks.. It definately did the job as the opposition were outclassed and outstyled!
Henry always looks good, it is fair to say that you will never find him wearing anything that is not colour co-ordinated.
When not looking good, cooking or cutting hair, you may find Henry making notes in a leather bound book with his prized fountain.
This year Henry has taken on the tricky job of organising Teddy Hall Relays although it seems he is on top of everything so far!

Teddy Hall Relays Gimp - Will Mycroft

College League Rep -Camilla Reece Trapp

Social-running group leader(and founder)-

Victoria Elbourne

Victoria ElbourneVictoria is a bubbly sociable St. Cat's geographer, founder and veteran of the now twice-weekly social running group, which have been a great success at encouraging runners to enjoy a more relaxed and informal jog! She has done lot to recruit 'social runners' from across the University and enjoy planning ‘invented routes’ and 'social runner' Christmas socials and coffees. Beyond Port Meadow and University Parks, she is a true party planner and foodie !!

Kit Rep-Tom Frith

Tom 'Frithy' Frith is one of OUCCC's top lads; scoring an impressive 246.5 man points at the clubsTom Frith recent pre-season training camp.
With his baby face, Frithy extensively models OUCCC stash throughout Oxfordshire; winning admiring glances from the likes of Emma Watson and Sports Fed President Helen Hanstock.
When not tearing up 17 mile runs and assault courses, Tom can be found sorting out through the huge quantities of fan mail sent to him, in the guise of OUCCC kit order forms.
Also a good runner, Tom is hoping to make the blues this year. This is certainly a prospect, after destroying competition at the terms' inaugural 'cuppers' cross country race - winning the Thomas Frith Cup; which he intends to purchase in the next few weeks.

Publications Rep - Jake Shelley

Jake ShelleyJake Shelley- Although as publications rep he doesn't really have to do much, Jake is a very valued member of the committee and his twittering is superb.  One of the most talented members of the team, he has competed in the blues varsity match in every year he has been at Oxford and has even represented England. Also has great range having represented Oxford over 800 on the track. Owner of more running books than I knew existed, he has crafted himself a training regime which gets him in incredible race shape whilst only running five miles a week. You are extremely unlikely to find Jake in park end... Extremely unlikely...

Alumni Rep - Dave Taylor




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