Getting Started

OUCCC needs YOU!

If you're new to running or looking to make it a regular habit over and above slumping in front of the TV with Coke and Cadbury's in hand, this page is designed to offer a brief introduction. Improvement, it's fairly obvious, only comes with commitment, though this need not be as gruelling as many are inclined to think. Consistency is of course a major factor, but it's almost a guarantee that you'll make major fitness gains simply by turning up to the OUCCC's steady runs and looking after your body! Don't be daunted just because you're new to the sport - medals at BUSA are beyond the majority, but taking part in the amazing atmosphere of races with the OUCCC is hard to beat.

An elite running history is not a prerequisite by any means. As those who have competed at Varsity will tell you, runners of all classes make up the blue swarm to thwart the pastel green!

OUCCC's Qualifying Standards...or not...
It's all tofu, lettuce and smoothies I'm afraid!

You need to eat right to run; this cannot be stressed enough...but running does give room for moments of guilt! Make sure you always eat a healthy cereal or brown toast for breakfast, and at least one piece of fruit with each meal. Having regular meal-times will make you feel perkier throughout the day, and make you actually feel like getting out there to run! Bear in mind that a training session can also set you up for a good day's work (or play!), so try and incorporate running into around 3 or 4 days a week to begin with. These need not be strenuous, but ought to be enjoyed, and can then be supplemented with the odd speed session such as on Tuesday for example. Don't be put off by these, since they make for variety and are the basis of improving your running - the key to keeping it going.

Not all races have undue pressure on you to achieve highly or even make the team - College Leagues offer the perfect way into competitive running, and are always a great way to mix with others from all the Colleges and the less accomplished OUCCC members. Test yourself, you'll not regret it!

The great thing about running is that it's relatively cheap compared to other sports. Buying a pair of running shoes is recommended though, since that ol' pair your grandad wore on his sportsday could lead to injuries with mileage. And of course you get to invest in swanky OUCCC kit, guaranteed to draw attention (mostly unwanted) in Cowley. Beware!

Hit the road!

If you are interested to find out more in any particular detail, contact the committee of OUCCC. This includes freshers, prospective students, and waverers already at Oxford who dally with the thought of joining OUCCC!

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