Whether you are new to Oxford, or just running, or both, this part of the site is here to help.

Welcome all beginners! OUCCC welcomes beginners of ALL levels with open arms - it's more important to the club that you make a start in the first place rather than remain daunted by preconceptions. Feel free to browse around, or contact a member of the committee.

We now have a guide to help newcomers to OUCCC, with advice on training, injury, races and the like, which is available to download -PDF File, 2701kb.

Important Parts Of This Site

  • Getting Started - Click here to be enticed into running, with some basic tips on keeping fit and having fun through OUCCC.
  • News - Keep up to date with the latest happenings.
  • Training - See when we meet up to train.
  • Events - When you're ready, why not enter a race? Or come to our socials (It's not all hard work)
  • Committee- It's good to talk. These are the people who know stuff.


What To Do Now

TURN UP! It's that simple.

The steady runs on Monday or Wednesday are perfect, since the Captain will make sure that you're NOT LEFT behind under any circumstances. These runs are gentle, even for the superstars, and often break into different speed-groups so you're guaranteed to have breath to chat.

If you have trouble with any of the descriptions/'banter'/'lingo' on the site or in e-mails, check out Steve's handy A to Z of Running in Oxford.


Mailing List

We have an e-mail list for speedy delivery of information vital to your running life. To subscribe, e-mail the Club Captain. Once you're a subscriber, you can also send mail to this list. However, please be aware that it goes out to almost 500 people, so don't waste everyone's time with stuff that could just be sent to specific people instead. If you ever want to leave the list, just follow the instructions you will receive when you subscribe, which are also repeated at the bottom of every mail sent through the system.

Hands up who loves OUCCC?

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